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We are the oldest lost wax casting machine manufacturer in Japan, established in 1960.
We are also a company that develops and sells various consumable materials and equipment related to lost wax casting and metal melting.
As a result of our many years of our efforts for designing and developing machines and technologies about metals, we are recognized as a manufacturer that supplies high quality casting machines in the world jewelry market, especially as a professional group for platinum alloys.
Meantime, we are also an original brand for equipment related to metal melting, such as titanium casting machines, ingot makers and shot makers. We deliver those kinds of equipment to various industries.

We are not just a manufacturer of equipment but we take pride in providing extensive user support including technical guidance.
We also take pride in using our experience and knowledge to customize the equipment our customers need to achieve their goals.
We believe that our mission is to contribute to the development of industry by providing equipment and technology for manufacturing in the world through casting technologies, which is one of the three major processing technologies. On the other hand, we think there are very few sources and places where you can feel free to consult about metal melting and casting.

Please feel free to contact us for equipment that is not on this website or in our catalog.
We strongly believe that we can develop and provide equipment that you would like to have that is not on the market.


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Please feel free to contact us with any questions, consultations.