SPRUE SYSTEM for better results in JEWELRY CASTING / Importance of sprue plan

★This column is a commentary on lost wax casting with a block molding method
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The sprue system is one of the most important casting techniques.
Ensuring "directive solidification" when the molten metal is poured into cavity inside a mold, "suppressing turbulence" and "reducing hot spots" of the molten metal during casting, taking into consideration the static casting theory.
It is a measure to reduce casting defects from the viewpoint of molten metal flow and metal solidification by examining the gas replacement action.
How to install sprue is one of the basics to prevent casting failure.

No matter how much casting temperature and mold temperature are adjusted appropriately If sprues are attached incorrectly, "gas porosities" and "turbulence (roll-in) porosities (blow holes)" will occur.
And at the same time, if correct directive solidification is not ensured when the molten metal solidifies, it may induce various casting defects such as "cracking of castings" and "shrinkage porosities".

It is necessary to control mounting location, shape, thickness, area of ingates, angle, quantity of attachment of sprue.
And a shape of the casting tree depending on the difference in casting method, solidification time of metal, viscosity of metal, shape of casting, etc. should be changed for better results.

In this "SPRUE SYSTEM for better results in JEWELRY CASTING", the following themes are explaining as below.



Author : M.Yoshida




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