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Top quality jewelry investment powder

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Top quality jewelry investment powder
for PLATINUM with
centrifugal and pressure casting

Yoshida Cast is a pioneer of platinum
investment powder for fine jewelry manufacturing

In 1963, Yoshida Cast developed and launched Japan's first centrifugal casting machine for platinum using induction heating technology. At the same time, Yoshida Cast began sales of jewelry investment powders for high-melting-temperature alloys such as platinum casting alloys. In 1966, Yoshida Cast introduced a new type jewelry investment powder for platinum casting, which was improved from a conventional self-coagulation method to the non-self-coagulation/dehydration method.

ALL 89 & ALL 2000

The ALL Series investment powders are 100% silica ready-mix investment powders of different particle sizes, mixed with a unique, historically proven recipe, and have been the choice of users in Japan, a country known for its strict quality standards, since 1966. ALL 2000 is especially formulated for pressure casting where permeability of casting mold is very important.
ALL 89 is a general-purpose casting investment powder for centrifugal casting that provides excellent casting surface. However, this investment powder can be used by changing the binder mixing ratio, excellent casting surface can be experienced even in pressure casting.

Similar but different grain shapes

Typical silica type investment powder for platinum alloys have angular grains because the solids are milled to a particle size.
On the other hand, ALL investment powder is rounded without individual protrusions, resulting in a casting surface of a higher rank.
Needless to say, production is carried out by wet agitation and computer-controlled quantitative agitation, and each production lot is monitored for particle size distribution under strict particle size control to prevent "lot collapse," so we can provide stable quality at any time.

Variety of Products Advantage only an original
manufacturer with extensive knowledge
of lost wax casting

ALL silica-based casting investment powder are originated by Yoshida Cast.
We can also meet the niche needs of users, such as shorten time for dehydration, improving permeability of casting molds, and improving hardness of casting mold.
Additive investment powder can be independently provided to user for answering customers wants. No one can do but an original maker can do.

ALL 1 investment powder

ALL S investment powder

Purecoat A investment



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